Wednesday, November 30, 2011


6x6 oil on gessoboard

"Your painting is a wonderful image of doggy joy. Heck, it's a wonderful image of joy period."
This comment was left on the previous version of this painting by reader, Shirley Fachilla, whom I thank for pressing me to repaint this in 6x6, the preferred size for our GJWP challenge paintings. 
While I was painting the 12x12 I was thinking, "if this isn't JOY, What is?" 
Stop by and meet the "Girls" and see our show this Friday evening.

Monday, November 28, 2011


 Scooter, "Eye On The Ball" 12"x12"
Although it is to be gift to Lindsey and David on their wedding next Sunday, I feel reasonably safe posting this painting of our Grand Daughter's Yorkie, Scooter. They don't read my blog. I know. Huh?
Also, come to our Soiree next  Friday evening and see 80 of our challenge paintings displayed at the James Library.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today! Studio Drop In 1-5

Struttin' Her Stuff 6x6 oil 
Come visit me at my Studio at 83 East Water Street, Rockland.
Call 617-671-9900 if you need directions.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Open Studios and A Critique

 Our 20th!! Annual Open Studios was a great success!
The good news is if you weren't able to attend you have the next few Saturdays to make it up to yourself. I will be keeping my Studio open to visitors up until Christmas on a drop in or call ahead basis. My black Subaru Outback will be parked nearest to the street with balloons tied to the roof racks and I will have refreshments for all, after that climb to the 4th Floor! Hours will be 12-5.
In other news- I'm delighted to have received a critique from Tony Moffitt on his Artist.Blog.Critique which you can read in it's entirety here. Getting an objective critique is SO VALUABLE and for those who have been waiting for the new blog template I promised you, well..he thinks it would be a good idea too ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tootsie Pops

Click to Bid
Who doesn't love Tootsie Pops? The candy is sweet and tangy and mixes beautifully with the chocolate middle. I spent yesterday at the studio finishing up the BIG painting, painting this one and have a third one in the works.
Open Studios is this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5. My inventory this year includes Prints priced from $20-$75.
Google 83 East Water Street for directions to my building. Enter on the left side and chug up the stairs to the 4th floor where I am the first studio. I'll have refreshments to revive you, chairs to sit on to catch your breath and lots of paintings of all sizes. This is the last time I will be offering such low prices on my larger works so get there early :D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A BIG Painting

 Just so you don't think I'm slacking, here's a peek at an almost finished 16x20 painting I've been working on. Painting on this very rough canvas takes a lot of paint and a lot of careful brushwork. I so prefer the smooth surface of panels. I like the texture here though.
One more thing...I ordered my Open Studios cards late and although I will still mail out about 100 of them, please note that my studio is Open NEXT Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 in The Sandpaper Factory at 83 East Water Street in Rockland.  Lots of great paintings will be available at low (clearance) prices. Something for everyone and a bunch of new paintings too! Tell everyone and bring your friends, kids and dogs (if they're social) ;) I look forward to seeing you.
Today my brother, Jamey came to my studio to add some 2x4's between the studs in my wall for my little props. He also makes the fabulous Pochade boxes. He's the MAN! Thank YOU Jamey!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Figure Study

10x10 oil on Raymar
Inspired by Kelley's postings from her exciting week spent in Karin Jurick's Hilton Head workshop I worked up this figure study (WIP) of a couple I saw walking at Slide Rock in Sedona last Spring. I plan to add all the highlights and detail that Karin includes in her beautiful figure paintings. I love seeing older couples hand in hand like this. So sweet.  I didn't have much time to work on it before I came up to New Hampshire to visit my little boys. Ryan will be 8 next week. Time flies.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Advocate Cottage

Advocate is a tiny village 'Down Shore" as they say up in Nova 
Scotia. Don's Sea Captain Grandfather and some of the other relatives are buried in the old cemetary down there and it is one of the places we 'ride' to each time we go to Parrsboro. How many times do you think I asked Don to stop or turn around so I could get this shot? I was lucky too. My camera's battery died and I had my old Sony Cybershot along and used it as a backup. Don't you love the classic 1950's teardrop windows in the door? You see lots of them up there as well as the no front steps no matter how high off the ground the door is.

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