Sunday, April 26, 2015

Naples Pier Sunset

Naples Pier Sunset 
6x12 oil on panel

When the sun sets on the West Coast of Florida it is spectacular. Every time.
Our time here is almost up and we will be heading North in a few weeks. I always feel a little sad about the end of the season but excited about seeing everyone at home. 
And of course, the drive is an adventure ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"That's Classic" Yellow Volkswagen

Classic VW 
8x8 Oil on Panel
Since posting my original VW painting I've met so many people who have had a love affair with the classic "bug". This particular model was an inexpensive but cool car for those of us who got our driver's licenses in the late '60's. Mine was a 1963, baby blue VW with a "sunroof" which was a folding vinyl thingy and opened the entire roof. 
My niece and 'soul sister' remembers us taking her to the Avon Drive In in it when she was about two years old, with the roof open and her little self happily camped in the back. Yes, the back seats could be folded down into a space the size of a playpen.
It was classic and remains my best selling painting and commission. 
One fan wanted it in yellow as a gift for his wife who had one. "back in the day". 
Meanwhile, here in Naples I am painting a bedroom. Washing with tsp, priming, spackling, sanding and of course the ceiling :(  
Very time consuming but the end result will be worth it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Girls Just Wanna Paint - "Treasured Object"

"Good Fortune"
Photo shopped image 

I've been wearing this gold charm, for many, many years. It's the Chinese symbol for "good fortune" and was a gift from my husband Don, who knows my obsession with all things Oriental. 
This month's topic for the Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge is 'treasured object' and this is one of my most cherished ones. 

I tried painting it, I really did, but it just didn't have the pizzazz it needed. In desperation I played with it in PhotoShop where it couldn't help but gain some dramatic effects. Placing it upon a patterned fabric swatch creates a great design and I like the way the four images meet. 

Meanwhile, I'm still going out to the 'jungle' to paint twice a week and have a plethora of studies of lily pads, palm trees and green stuff !
Gators are not pets ;)
the Great Egret
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