Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purple Door

Love this purple door with the morning glory vines. 
Yes, it is a tad crooked but hey, it's an antique house.
Check out our Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge for their takes on doors.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plein Air Study

I met Sally Dean at Green Harbor this morning for a plein air workout. Trust me, it was a workout. Let me count the ways things can go awry when painting boats. The tide is going out. The sun is moving. The boats are moving. After fighting the composition by wiping out some of the boats, I settled on just making a complete statement and spent the rest of the time making the painting work. Using artistic license I eliminated the rest of the houses and boats and made the trees look like Maine. I didn't see it until I photographed it but there's a major tangent running from the cabin of the boat up the edge of the house. I think I'll give it another try tomorrow.
The actual scene

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back on the Horse

I needed this week to catch up with myself after an intense Labor Day weekend that segued right into my Carol Marine workshop. Here are some photos of one of the first exercises Carol gave us which was to map out the values to include a dominant value, a secondary value and a 'smidge'.  Carol has an uncanny eye for the subtle grayed color/temperature changes that move into the shadows. Her workshop is just packed with information and I've never met anyone who gives more of herself to her students. This girl is a powerhouse!! I didn't get this kind of instruction in Art School. Really.
Forgive my indulgence in posting this photo of my sweet little boys who are growing up too fast. I enjoy them SO much!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Carol Marine Workshop

Next week I'm attending my second Carol Marine workshop hosted by Kelley MacDonald in her Warren, Rhode Island Studio. The dates are September 8-10. Carol has blogged her way to success with over one thousand and counting, daily paintings most of which are snatched up on eBay. It seems that there is one slot left if anyone would like to come. I highly recommend it.
You may have noticed that I'm slacking a bit on the paintings and it's true. I've been busy with summer fun but I have been doing a couple of 16x20 studio paintings of Cape scenes which I'll reveal soon. Don't forget to check out Fresh Paint Daily Painters where I am one of the featured artists. They've added some new artists and they rock!
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