Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Women Want

Sunflowers in Blue
12x12 oil $250

This was the loaded topic for this months Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge and the possible paintings depicting such, were like a roulette wheel going around and around in my head.
Finally, I pulled it out at the last minute after procrastinating over, what women want. 
They wanna paint!

This woman wanted to paint these beautiful sunflowers in her periwinkle blue, faux McCoy pitcher! So, she did.

Our meeting tonight ran from laughter to tears and back to laughter. Some of us are bearing up under loss and some of us are struggling with life's  randomness and inexplicable path. We all agreed that this group friendship, begun around our painting, is an anchor and that we feel safe and loved and supported by one another, and that that, is really what women want.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

NRAS Roz Farbush Memorial Award for Color

MSW at North River Arts Preview Party 
with Mary Curran, NRAS Festival Committee

I am surprised and so very pleased to be awarded the Roz Farbush Memorial Prize for Color at the North River Arts annual Festival of the Arts! 
Roz was an icon in our artistic community, known for her  bold and colorful paintings. I was fortunate to make her acquaintance through two of my "besties", Kelley MacDonald and Paula Villanova, who invited me to be part of a girlfriend painting outing, which became known as "the Jeep Trip", to Provincetown and continues to this day.
I confess that we trespassed to paint Edward Hopper's house in Truro and I probably could not find it again but, it was one of our great adventures!
Thank you Roz, I'm sure you had a hand in this.

Cleaning the Catch 18x24 framed
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MSW, Roz Farbush and Kelley MacDonald with Edward Hopper house 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Tulips

12x12 oil


We took a trip through Gettysburg last week on our return from our winter in Naples.
The Gettysburg Military Park includes a fantastic museum and a most unexpected and spectacular treat, the Cyclorama, which is a 377' by 42' high, painting of the battlefield mounted in a circular venue with a sound system and light show. The Cyclorama on Tremont Street in Boston was the original venue for this painting! 

We did a self guided tour of the battlefield using a CD we bought in the visitors' center which gave us the option to visit at our own pace. 
I can only say that if you haven't visited, you must. The experience was moving and beautiful beyond anything I had imagined. It's cliche but just being there is a sobering experience. 

We arrived to perfect spring weather and this past Sunday I set up this bouquet of tulips on my deck and painted some post worthy work for the first time in weeks. 
In order to get these pinks and purples I had to go into my (can't live without) stable of "reds". They are Grumbacher Thalo Red Rose, Grumbacher Thalo Violet and Winsor Newton Permanent (Quinacridone) Rose. You must have at least one of these colors to make a real pink. 
The painting sabbatical is over ;) 

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