Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Marsh

"Winter Glow" 
6x6 oil on board

I've been a bit reluctant to write about this but, this blog is about my real life, so I'll share. Little by little, I'm finding my painting mojo again. It's been a hard time and I am consumed with the chore of sorting and tossing and resolving the 'beloved flotsam and jetsam' of my dear Mama's and our family's life.
Report cards from grade school, every card/invite she ever received, newspapers containing momentous news events (Oy), bookshelves full of books and souvenirs. Precious family 'stuff' in the china cabinets. And photos, photos and more photos. 
I picked up some boxes and marked them with the names of my siblings and as I sort, I drop things into each box for them to enjoy along with things I think should be theirs. Because I insisted upon looking at every single piece of paper, they have left me to that and I don't mind except that the volume after 43 years in the same house is, um, voluminous. My dear husband is the God send to this whole task and is also on the receiving end of my prickly emotions :( Without his guidance (lists, lists, lists and advice and more advice)  I'd be lost. He is the left brain balance in my right brain world. 
So, I'm sad but, I'm grateful for my family and my dear friends near and far who continue to lift me up. Thank you all for your continued support.
About the painting. One thing I love about the winter is how the setting sun lights up the tops of the trees creating a beautiful complimentary color scheme. 

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