Friday, June 22, 2007

Painting in Parrsboro

I've finally hooked up to the internet here in Parrsboro. Got here Monday night and had two glorious days with sun and warm temperatures. Yesterday we took a ride down to Springhill where we toured the coal mines. I also managed to do a couple of small paintings. This charming red shed is in progress. The blackflies drove me inside. Here we are suited up to go into the mine. Priceless :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

eBay Link Debacle

I just spent an hour trying to put up my eBay link as a page element. When I view the blog the html is visible and the link doesn't work. This wouldn't bother me so much except I've already used this method to add my eBay link and it worked. I just used to go in and change the item number. Now it doesn't work and I can't figure out why. Any suggestions? The Item number is 170123005296. My two cats never sit this close together. Usually Wendell (brown) won't let Nizzy (white) look out the door with him.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Charles Sovek 1937-2007

I have just received the bad news that Charles Sovek died last Friday. His colorful and soundly constructed paintings were a joy to behold. His website is fascinating and in his total generosity, he had made his latest book The Basics available online. I met him in 1991 when I took a workshop with him at North River Arts Society and again last summer when he did a demo at South Street Gallery in Hingham. Gone too soon, but his painting legacy will go on and on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About Van Gogh

Painting isn't always about actually painting. Reading about it or in this case watching a movie about it counts as much. I happened to catch Lust for Life ( not the Iggy Pop song) a sort of bio-novel about Vincent Van Gogh based on the book by Irving Stone ( The Agony and The Ecstasy). Kirk Douglas is passionately fantastic as the fanatical Van Gogh. But, my real joy was in discovering that the sets and characters are replications of his paintings. I was quite captivated. The bedroom is sweet and colorful just as it is in the painting. The Postman, Roulin shows up and you instantly know who he is. Two thumbs up. I've been away from painting to plan and execute a birthday party for my mother, which was last Saturday and was most successful and Monday the 18th we're leaving for Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. I'm looking forward to painting and posting from there. One more thing, the more subscribers I have the higher up my blog goes in the search engines so please subscribe and make sure to confirm in the email you'll receive from FeedBlitz...... and Thanks ;)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beacon Hill Art Walk Wrap

It did rain briefly around 3 o'clock but over all the weather held to cool and misty gray. I enjoyed it anyway. I had 4 other intrepid folks at my site who pinch hit for me so I could take a bathroom break and visit Kelley, Joan, Nancy and Tatiana at their site. I saw many more folks than I thought I would and I thank them all for stopping by. A big thanks to the neighbors for inviting us and in particular to the lady at ground level whose cat, attracted J, K and I to do silly kitty talk into her kitchen window :D

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Beacon Hill Art Walk

I am participating in the Beacon Hill Art Walk tomorrow. I'll be tucked away on Rollins Street. I hope it doesn't rain. Also, I can't get my eBay link to work right now, so if you want to see the paintings I have listed there I have added a link here #170117543371, that goes to eBay but you need to type in this number when you get there. I'll fix that soon. Here is the Hull Depot painting which looks like Edward Hopper having a flashback ;) It's very rough and I'll try it again soon. I have a better idea, now what it will take to capture this place. Also, the truck stood in for a fantastic red jeep (which kept coming and going) which will be in the next version of this painting.
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