Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Sky

"Winter Sky, Brant Rock"
6x6 oil on panel
This time of year brings dramatic dark skies and glowing early sunsets. It's this particular combination that makes an old fashioned and quite ordinary cottage look amazing! I love how the shadows carve out the abstract shapes in the picture. I've been very busy doing some commissions which I am unable to post lest the 'surprise' factor be jeopardized. 
Wishing everyone love and blessings and a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Truro Full Moon
6x8 oil on panel

This month's Girls Just Wanna Paint topic is 'magical' and what is more magical than a full moon over a  Cape Cod winter marsh?  
Please be sure to check out my show at Bella's restaurant which is up through January 4th.  Small 6x6 framed paintings are priced at $200. Think Christmas gifts :D

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Open Studios Weekend

Party Lights 

Open Studios is Christmas-like in terms of anticipation and preparation and then the guests arrive!  I promise to reward all who chug up 4 flights of stairs with refreshments, and wonderful art!
Coinciding with this weekend,  I have a show of 26 paintings in ''The Little Bar" at Bella's Restaurant, 933 Hingham Street (Route 228). They aren't open for lunch but you may ask to see the show at any time and I recommend staying for dinner because the food is great.
My studio is at 83 East Water Street in Rockland, MA 02370 for you GPS users and we are open from 12-5 on Saturday and Sunday. See you there!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bella's Opening this Sunday 5-7

My Bella's Show is finally up. It was beautifully hung by my artist friend and bartender extraordinaire, Viv Harlow, who manages the art shows there. Come visit with me and other artist friends in the Little Bar on Sunday from 5-7.
Also, Open Studios is the following weekend! 

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Stonington Cove

Stonington Cove
12x16 oil on cradled hardboard

I painted this on Sunday while the wind howled and rain and snow poured from the sky. Painting against a deadline doesn't usually produce good work but there are exceptions. I'm pretty happy with this one, which is an example of the kind of brushwork and color use that I'm trying to achieve. This painting will be in my Bella's show.
On a different note, my hubby had a small natural gas "wood" stove installed in our living room last week as a backup in the case of power outages. Wouldn't you know we were out for an hour Saturday night and I was unusually calm, cool and collected. We weren't out long enough for the house to get too cold but it was nice to know that if it did we could be fairly comfortable for a while.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Taking one for the Team

Happy Halloween
this painting will be sent to bed without any supper and thrown in the trash asap

Our GJWP topic this month is 'Neighbor'. This house is across the street from my studio and always had an elaborate Halloween display but it's been scaled down to just the gravestones.
Sometimes I see a painting and I think to myself, "that should never have made it out of the studio." and this one is a good example. It's pretty bad but sometimes you have to take one for the team.
I spent the day down at Green Harbor painting boats on a cold and cloudy day. It was a struggle to get my drawing correct even though I was using a viewfinder but I ended up with a passable study. The fisherman were abuzz pulling boats and traps out of the water for the winter pressed by a Nor'easter in the forecast for this weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Winter Storage
Apologies for the glare-y photo, I think it's done. 
The opening for my Bella's show will be on Sunday, November 16th from 5-7 PM.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Work in Progress

Work in Progress
I don't like to post WIPs but I will take a chance here and give you a sneak peek of my large paintings.
I've mentioned that I will be showing my work at Bella's Italian Restaurant beginning in November and through the first of the year. Because the space needs larger paintings, I committed to working much larger than I'm used to and let me just say that from 6"x6" to 24"x24" is a jump.

Here are a sequence of photos of my process in enlarging a small painting. My process is to grid a printout of the original painting and draw it onto newsprint. I then chalk the back, along the lines of the drawing and transfer it to the toned board. I'm using Ampersand unprimed hardboard which has a 2" cradle to eliminate the need for framing, although the buyer can always add a frame. I give it three coats of gesso, sanding lightly between coats and tone it with an underpainting that will enhance the color harmony of the final painting. There is a lot of blue in this painting so I chose an orange ground. 
For those of you who've emailed me about taking my Painting from Photos workshop, I will be scheduling it for after Open Studios which is November 22 & 23 from noon to 5 PM,the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

Also, this weekend is The Hingham Arts Walk featuring my GJWP homies. Please stop by and visit Kelley MacDonald, Paula Villanova and of course Page at the studio of Page Pearson Railsback, at 35 North Street from 12-4 on Sunday, October 19th.


traced onto board

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Classic Oldie

"Classic Car"
8x8 oil on Pintura panel
There's a little garage near my studio, where some 'car guys'  restore classic cars. I've been driving by it for years and have always wanted to paint this beautiful peridot green car. Now that I'm posting, I realize that I should know what kind of car it is. But, I'll have to tell you next time.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Pink Cottage

Pink Cottage
8x10 oil on canvas panel

I love color and pushing this pink into a glowing 'presence' was really fun! I can see cropping this differently and painting a few different versions of it. 
I've been invited to show my work at Bella's Restaurant, which is a local favorite serving Italian cuisine. They've been supporting area artists in the 'Little Bar' gallery for at least a decade and I am psyched to have this opportunity. I need to do some LARGE paintings for this show and I'm ready. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


9x12 watercolor abstract 

The topic for our GJWP Challenge this month is "Expression". There are so many ways to interpret that word but for me, it's all about my art. This is a watercolor/abstract painting of my Wendell.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jersey Shore

Sunflower and Garret
6x10 watercolor
We are leaving Atlantic City today after a fabulous week in our 31st floor digs on the Jersey Shore. I think I might be a Jersey girl at heart. Who knew?
I did this little study toward a future painting of my garret which is the last window at the top right.
our awesome aerie

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monhegan- View from the Garret

"View from The Garret"
6x10 watercolor
I began this sketch the day I checked into my garret. It was an overcast day so there isn't much contrast. 
This week I'm in Atlantic City on the 31st floor of the Flagship Hotel. Love the sound of the ocean and the wind. Don and I have been keeping the sliding doors ajar all night so we can enjoy it. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monhegan Panorama

"Monhegan Study"
5x9 watercolor
Spending a few glorious days on Monhegan Island with my painter friend Bobbi Heath.
We ate a fabulous meal at the Island Inn where not only did they allow us to split an entree, they plated it separately as well and we walked home enjoying the spectacular starry sky, which is so much more dramatic way out here.
I did this little study of Manana and the harbor from the sitting area just outside my top floor 'garret' at Monhegan house. I have always wanted a garret! Life is good ;)

the garret 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More Morning Glories #3 of 30 in 30

Morning Glories
8x8 watercolor on Arches

This is my third painting for Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challengeMy greatest pleasure during the amazing summer of 2014 has been the incredible weather with low humidity, temperatures consistently in the 75-80 range, and hardly any mosquitos.  WHAT?!
Next to that, which was pretty big for me, I've been loving sitting on my deck enjoying our little slice of oceanside nirvana and painting. Our 'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glories are in full bloom and I cannot get enough of this beautiful shade of blue. 
The painting is much lighter and cleaner than I can reproduce in this photo. Back at it again tomorrow.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Morning Glories

"Morning Glories"
6x12 watercolor
My second painting in Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge is this tower of morning glories which I grow on trellises inside ceramic pots on my deck. The 'heavenly blue' shade of these flowers is almost impossible to paint, but I tried. I so love sitting on my deck painting these gorgeous flowers! This has been a perfect summer and I hope this is a trend in the weather.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30

After Andrew Wyeth's painting "Her Room"
6x10 sketchbook watercolor

Leslie Saeta has thrown out another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and I am jumping onto the bandwagon.
The challenge is to paint A LOT and I could use some motivation and some discipline in focusing.
This is my interpretation of an Andrew Wyeth painting, entitled 'Her Room'. There's something kind of lonely in the stark and melancholy mood of his paintings, set by his muted palette.  
It was a challenge in itself to try and match his color. 
As Leslie will remind everyone, this is about having fun and sharpening one's skills not about the count. So, I'm in.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Interpreting Water with Collage

6x6 paper collage 

My interpretation of "water", for the September, Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge is a collage of the ocean, beginning with the sandy shoreline, made from Color Aid paper. 
I've had this exquisite block of paper since I went to New England School of Art many moons ago and have barely used it because its chronological array of colors and hues is breathtakingly beautiful. 
A reason to save it forever, right? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Collage Workshop

Cigar Box Decoupage

I had great fun bringing out my 'inner' abstract artist at a weekend collage workshop at the Art Complex Museum a week ago. I love cutting and pasting and gluing and I 'arted' up this cigar box with a torn map and buttons a la Sally Dean. She's the education coordinator at the ACM and was also a participant. Of course, we were incorrigible ;)
Inside, I put a photo of my niece Chrissie and I, taken in one of those photo booths, at Paragon Park, way back in the day. 
She's an artsy girl herself and I'm giving it to her. She will love it!

Cigar Box Interior

One of my brothers did the rabbit ears thing :D

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Spencer's Island

Spencer's Island, Nova Scotia
4x10 watercolor
I made this little sketch in pen and ink before doing the painting. Some elements have been eliminated to showcase the smooth water and Spencer's Island which is off to the left. This is where the Mary Celeste was built. I often wish I could go back in time and see what this land looked like during the Age of Sail. 

Saturday, August 02, 2014


View of Cape Split from Partridge Island
4x12 watercolor
This is not the painting I originally planned to submit to the GJWP challenge this month, but the first one is only half finished, having been started the day before we left for Nova Scotia and it was just a bit more complicated than it needed to be.
I did this down at Partridge Island this afternoon. Don't know if it's noticeable but there's some shimmery silver paint in it. Don and I  are having a wonderful time staying with Cousin Barb, Marilyn, Abbie the Yellow Lab and sweet cats, Molly and Honey. Tomorrow we're attending a Yorke family reunion in Diligent River ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Studio Workshops and Stay 'cation'

I've said it before but we are having the most wonderful weather this summer. Today was warm but the humidity was low and the breeze is brisk ;)
Spent the day weeding the garden, sitting on the deck and enjoying  life.
I plan to teach a couple of workshops this September and will vary the lessons. This particular painting was not painted from a photo but if it were, I would interpret it this way and that is the lesson. The demo is just an example of the process.
Loving my neighborhood and my stay 'cation' here by the beach :)

Studio Workshops Fall 2014

*Painting from photos
I will supply simple photos and we will break them down step by step beginning with a value 'map'.

this area to the right, which is a fence, 
did not read well

so I reworked it

classes will be held at my studio in Rockland, Massachusetts 
*dates to be announced
contact me @

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Try This at Home

"Old Glory"
6x6 oil on panel

I am on what's known as a 'stay-cation'. There is no place I'd rather be than home during the summer, and this particular summer is one of the best ones, weather wise, that we've seen in a while. 
YES! Perfect New England summer!
I've been spending my days on our deck under a shady umbrella, painting. First up were my mother's little garden gnomes who live with me now. She loved for me to refresh them for her and of course they had a lot more panache after a meeting with me and my brush.
But, our sweet little shed, the purple trim painted by my husband, has been calling to me and yesterday I answered the call. Actually, the flag is my favorite part.

Mama's Garden Gnomes in progress

Monday, July 14, 2014

Girl in Surf- sketchbook drawing

Girl in Surf
sketchbook 6x6 

Very unusual low humidity and cool breezes have been the norm this summer and I spent yesterday on the beach basking in the glory of it all. Sketching on the beach is difficult because everything is moving but last night I did this drawing from one of my photos. I would like to point you to my fellow artist and friend Jody Regan whose sketchbook is a treasure of beauty. Enjoy!