Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Edward Hopper's House


I stayed up 'til all hours finishing this painting. What a glorious day we had painting in the dunes of Truro.

Three Amigos

The most beautiful day was had painting in the dunes of Truro, with the Three Amigas.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boston Light and Graves Light 8X16

Yesterday began with a Birthday Breakfast for one of 'the girls', a congenial group of women artists who meet in honor of the Birthday Woman at a breakfast and afterward, anyone who can join in goes out painting for a few hours. I was lucky to be able to spend the day painting high on the grounds of Fort Revere, in Hull where an incredible view of the Boston Harbor Islands, Boston Light and Graves Light and in the way distance, the North Shore coastal towns of Salem, Beverly, and Gloucester. This is yesterday's rough painting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rexhame Beach Dunes Study 7X9

I consider this more of a study than a finished work. Using the limited palette gives it nice color harmony.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Beach Day

I sat in the dunes at the beach today and painted this. I need to refine the shapes and the angle of the waves hitting the shore and finalize this. I used a limited palette of Ultramarine, Rose Madder (Grumbacher) and a lemon yellow. I had a hard time getting sand color but I think I managed. Heavy surf today. I hate to say it but winter was in the air :(

Friday, September 14, 2007

Party Lights

I apologize for my website being down for over a month now. I'm not good at reading the directions to restore the site but my web mistress, Miss A will get it going soon. I am also going to post a website on Fine Arts Studio Online, which I will be able to work from my desktop. Oh, technology. Where would I be without you? Meanwhile, back at Studio 439, the party lights go on for the last time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sandpaper Factory Studio

This is the before and after at the new studio. It took forever to sand this floor which was a grimy gray paint. My nephew, Win and I spent Saturday and Sunday all day and Don and I spent another 10 hours between Monday and yesterday. The results are well worth the agony of such a project which, I'll never be doing again :D This is the 4th floor of the building which has fantastic skylights over the entire roof. This is one of the very few remaining buildings of its kind in this area. I was lucky to get a space here.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stonington Overlook Watercolor 9X12

This is a watercolor of Barbara's house in Stonington, Maine. It's done on Fredrix watercolor canvas which I'm not sure I like for watercolor, but may work better with opaque watermedia, like acrylic or gouache. After many attempts to photograph this painting, the results are washed out. Disappointing, but I suppose I should read the camera book?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anna's Cottage 8x10 oil on board

I've been so lax in posting but I don't think anyone's hanging on my every word ;) I've had family togetherness since Saturday, beginning with a lobster cookout at my mama's house, in Brockton, with all the sibs and significant others. On Sunday, my baby bro Tom, his wife Anne and their toddlers Ryan, 3 and a half and Colin 2 came to stay until late yesterday afternoon. We had lot's of fun at the beach during a super high moon tide on Sunday and exploring tidal pools yesterday morning at low tide. Awesome to have these babies in the family after so long without young ones. I am working on another watercolor which I'll post in a day or two. With all the Codman trauma, some paintings never made it to the blog. I painted this 8x10 in Nova Scotia in June. I call it 'Anna's Cottage' after one of 3 sisters who owned the cottage. After I did the painting I found out that one of the sisters, Joy, had just passed right when I was painting it. Everyone who knew her said that her name, perfectly described her. She was a young woman of 72 :(
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