Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Retro Beach Cottage

This looks like it's on some Caribbean Island but it's right here in my neighborhood. A little flat roofed cottage that retains its 'back in the day' flavor sitting amongst the houses along the beach. The neighborhood is all makeovers and new houses created over the footprints of old beach cottages but the word is that there'll be no such thing happening to this place. The owner likes it just the way it is.  I zoomed in on this using the diagonals of the shadows to create a more interesting design.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Painting Safari and Blogging Workshop

My late afternoon painting from last Friday in the dunes. This weeks Painting Safari is going to take place again on Wednesday on the River side of the Rexhame Beach parking lot. I hike out about 400 paces to the edge of the river. Sounds like a lot but I travel light by setting up my palette before hand and using my tripod Coulter Easel. Class is $15 and we meet at 9:30 until 12:30. I will do a demo and give individual instruction. Email me for more info and directions.
Also, if you want to learn more about starting an art blog check out Kelley MacDonald's Blogging workshop on Thursday evening at North River Arts Society GAR Hall. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painting Safari

It has come to my attention that when my blog is sent out it appears against a white background making my text all but impossible to read because my blog template is set to a black background and I use light colors against it for readability. If this is happening to you click the Just Painting link at the very bottom left corner of the email which will take you directly to the blog. Who knew? Also, blogger is sending out a post I made from Sedona in May. Huh?
Today's Painting Safari was held in the dunes on the River side of the Rexhame Beach parking lot. Glorious day! Here is my demo. 
first block in (that's a shadow on the top edge)
Mid Stage
A visitor named Brady. I meet so many people and dogs out here!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Step by Step Marsh and River Demo

Using my new viewfinder I lightly grid my canvas and sketch in the larger masses.
 It takes me three strokes in the sky to get the value correct. 
The sky and the water are the lightest values.
The light on the distant marsh is lighter than it seems
The grass is a middle value and I've lightened 
the far tree line to push it back
The final touches
The painting in grayscale
Thanks for all the emails about the Painting Safari!
Tomorrow looks like it will be clear so meet me in the Rexhame Beach parking lot at 9:30 for an out door demo and painting session.Fee is $15 per class and we will paint until 12:30.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Value Studies in the Dunes

 Prompted by the value challenge on DPW this week, I headed out into the dunes near my house to paint some landscape studies using my new Picture Perfect value viewfinder. This painting was done on Monday in the late afternoon. I didn't do a step by step demo on this one but I'll show you that on the next post. Altogether, I did three paintings out there this week at different times of day. I'm taking a page out of my friend Kelley's playbook and doing a Painting Safari class out in the dunes between Rexhame Beach parking lot and the South River. Email me for times and details.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bear and Badger & Kelley's Show

  Bear and Badger are rescues from Curly Tail Pug Rescue whose Human was their foster dad until he was unable to resist their charms and adopted them. They sometimes stop and visit on their walk  down to the beach and I feed them unhealthy dog biscuits and take pictures of them. 
The painting is a donation to "A Spirited Affair" a fundraiser for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute  which takes place at the Cyclorama in Boston on Friday, September 16th. 
Coincidently, I was at TJ Maxx after dropping off the painting and a sweet woman shopping the racks with me mentioned unselfconsciously that she is a cancer patient and was rating the clothes for their softness or lack thereof. When you have cancer she said, things like heavy seams or scratchy tags (that we all hate) are unbearable on sensitive skin. She remarked that she was determined to keep her sense of humor while enduring the side effects of chemo. Her honesty and courage were touching and again, I realized that any problems I have in my life pale in comparison. Gratitude.
I must post this great photo of Kelley and me last night at her Opening at 'Nest', a little boutique on High Street in Dedham Square. Here we are in front of her fabulous paintings. It was wonderful!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Surfer Boy

 Surfer Boy
8x8 oil on panel

In New England you can't count on the weather (can you anywhere?) and these last two weekends were perfect beach days. I was lucky to have my little boys visiting both weekends for which I am so grateful because they're growing up way too fast. As I was walking down to the tide pools I saw this tiny little boy surfing. I complimented him on his surfing prowess and asked how old he was and he told me five and a half! I took enough shots to make sure there'd be a good one to paint from and then joined Ryan and Colin and my brother Tommy at the tide pools where we spotted lots of crabs and shrimp and snails. Perfect Day!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Classic Chevy

 This fabulous Chevy lives in my neighborhood near the beach. The Massachusetts plate is My 54 and the 'just for fun' plate on the front says Beach Bum. I love painting these beautiful cars from days gone by.
I'm feeling sad today about the misfortune of my dear friend and inspiration Carol Marine who lost her home in the Texas wildfires. We all have our pain and difficulties but things could (almost) always be worse. Today I will be grateful that my life is good and that I am not facing tragedy or misfortune. My heartfelt thoughts go out to those who are. 
Also, our sweet but very short summer is ending and I'm never ready for that.
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