Friday, April 10, 2020

"Still Life" GJWP challenge

"Still Life" Acrylic 12x12 
$350 click link to buy

I'm primarily an oil painter, sometime watercolor painter and dabble in other media. I picked up acrylics a couple of years ago when I took a workshop with my friend and fellow GJWP artist, Page Pearson Railsback
I love the creaminess of the paint and the way I can create transparent layers over previous passages. The color is rich and not chalky as I remember it from my long ago, art student days.
I'd been working on this abstract piece which seemed like a metaphor for life coming to an abrupt stop. Placing careful brushstrokes next to one another, as I worked out the color harmony on this was fun and meditative. I plan on doing more.
I'm still in Naples and don't plan on returning home until the insanity subsides. 

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