Friday, December 31, 2021

“Soulmates, Pam and Piper”

“Soulmates, Pam and Piper” 12x12 oil on canvas

This is my take on “light” for the Girls Just Wanna Paint December challenge (post scheduled)

This painting was a gift for a dear friend who inspires me with her grace and stamina, despite seemingly insurmountable odds. 

As soon as I saw this image I knew I had to paint the halo glow of the setting winter sun, around the silhouettes of Pam and Piper. Since the image was fairly dark I had to adjust and invent a composition that would set off the two main subjects. I delivered it on my annual trek to her Christmas Eve with the horses, open house in the Berkshires. It was magical🎄⭐️

Check out their soil restoration products at the links below.

Please enjoy my photos of these magical equines.

Happy 2022 🤞🏼

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