Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awaiting Summer 6x6 WC

$110 plus $10 S&H

Our challenge subject for Girls Just Wanna Paint  is 'three'. I kept thinking literally, three flowers, three jars, three lipsticks etc., but while I was painting this I noticed something. This old fashioned summer cottage sports three old fashioned Victorian Shutters. Sly? Yup, but it works. If you're in the area my GJWP 'homies' are painting in Hingham Square this weekend at White Magdelena House. Meet the artists, watch them paint and share some refreshments. For information on locations and hours go here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beach Point Sunset 8x8

Beach Point Sunset
8x8 oil on panel

It doesn't seem possible for a sunset to be so bright or so colorful but trust me....I was there. This was done from a photo I took from Beach Point in Truro on September 14, 2001. There's a story there but you've all heard it so I won't repeat myself. I did three paintings today and this was the only one that I liked ;) One point I'd make is that the blue in the water photographed much brighter than it actually appears in the painting. Thank you all so much for your comments and visits. It's what makes blogging so much fun!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Purple Door

This painting was done for a buyer who saw the original posted on September 30, 2010. The door belongs to my good friend and fellow painter, the doyenne of the art scene and founder of Girls Just Wanna Paint.....Kelley MacDonald!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Matlacha Ice Cream Shop

It's amazing how many photos I have of yellow cottages and buildings. This little place is in Matlacha, Florida a teeny town between Cape Coral and Pine Island. All of the little shops along the main road are painted bright colors. I love it.
This morning I went on an Orchid Tour at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge out in the Everglades. The Guide who led the tour is a wildlife biologist and photographer who also works at the Naples Zoo. He knows everything about the flora and fauna and it was a fabulous trek through the swamp, which is very dry at the moment. Afterward they gave us a nice lunch of hot dogs, chips and a soft drink while we listened to another guide talk about the work they're doing to save the panthers. A single male panther needs about 200 square miles of habitat. The whole tour was fascinating and it is free. You just have to sign up ahead of time. If you're a Florida voter they need your support. 
Can you see the gator?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Maine Cottage

Don and I took a ride to Goodland, a tiny fishing village at the Northeastern tip of Marco Island which is a mixed bag of newer and older (funky) homes and trailers. One tiny lane across from Old Marco Crab House is on a skinny peninsula with houses on one side and a canal on the other side so despite the small no trespassing sign at the end we drove up there to look at the view and turn around. Of course I had to get out and take some photos and that's when I was bagged by Mr Important who came out of his house and berated me for trespassing mentioning that he owns both sides of the street and didn't I think I should knock on someone's door and ask permission blah blah blah and 'we don't want....this....." I think he meant to say 'interlopers like YOU'. He did say, spreading his hands "we pay money for this." That never happened in Maine when I was photographing the beautiful cottages in Stonington. People are very friendly there.
This is a larger painting (8x10) of the Downeast cottage. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

California Palm

$100 plus $10 S&H

This fabulous scene from the mountains of California was painted from a photo by one of my blogger friends, Shelley Smart who kindly allowed me to use it as reference. Shelley is originally a Maine girl who resides on the West Coast and paints and photographs the beach out there.
I am enthralled by the beauty of the greenery against the snow capped mountains. I rarely do this but I'm posting two photos of this because much of the subtlety is lost in the photos. One is untouched and is warmer and one is Photo Shopped for contrast and it cooler. The actually painting is somewhere in the middle.
Photo Shopped

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Stonington Cottage

This little summer home is perched on a ledge of rock in Stonington, Maine which is at the 'down-est' part of the Downeast Deer Isle peninsula. It's one of my favorite places in the world and there are many. Yesterday I did another 'booth sitter' gig at the Mercato Fine Arts Festival which was wonderful.  This very cool residential neighborhood is built around shops, restaurants, a movie theatre and Whole Foods.  I brought home delicious macaroni and cheese and Swedish meatballs from the vast hot food bar there. Awesome day!!
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