Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Parrsboro Changing Tide

 Parrsboro Changing Tides
6x6 oil on panel

It's that time again. 
The Girls Just Wanna Paint monthly topic is "Saved".
I saved this painting from Parrsboro for this post!
This is my second painting of the changing tide from Parrsboro.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


"Cape Blomidin"
6x6 oil on board
I painted two in a row of this view from our little cottage on the Bay of Fundy. 
I love the simple shapes and composition as the tide rapidly returns, erasing the sandbars. 
You'll notice a slightly warmer tone when I post the second one as the light was changing more toward the "golden hour". 
I have been traveling and visiting friends and family this summer. I've visited Monhegan Island, Block Island, Provincetown and of course, I love spending the summer in my backyard oasis here in Marshfield by the sea, watching my birds and bunnies and hanging out in my pool :D
Yes, it's a kiddie pool, but that's all I need.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Monhegan Garden

Monhegan Island Garden

I was painting on Monhegan at the beginning of June with my cohorts Bobbi Heath and Carol Douglas. 
While waiting for the ferry we decided to try and slam another painting in. This has remained two thirds completed until last week when I got serious about finishing it. 
I probably had FOF, which is painter lingo for, "fear of finishing", just one of the many phobias affecting most of us painters.  A whole post could be written on artist's phobias and maybe I will, but, that's for later.
I have two more very good starts from that trip to finish up and you will, hopefully see them soon. 
I the meantime, Don and I are back in glorious Parrsboro.
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