Monday, August 31, 2020

Road Trip and Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross
7x9 Sketchbook Watercolor
My desire to participate in a Plein Air event, arose from the advent of the first annual Parrsboro International Plein Air Festival, which took place in June of 2017. My husband’s mother comes from this remote part of Nova Scotia, Canada, located on the North West shore of the Bay of Fundy and we have spent two decades traveling up to visit relatives and stay in a little cottage on the shore.  Thus, when I was alerted to the PIPAF event, I just had to apply, because Parrsboro is mine. I stopped in this cemetery in New Brunswick and snapped a few photos. I love cemeteries for their garden like settings and beautiful monuments. This is my contribution to Girls Just Wanna Paint, “Not New England” challenge.               
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