Monday, July 31, 2017

Interlude: a stained glass mosaic

6x8 stained glass mosaic

I spent a blissful "interlude" last Tuesday at Derby Academy Summer Arts Camp. My multi talented friend, Sally Dean Mello teaches in the program and invited me over to check out the kids' work and try my hand at creating a glass mosaic. 
She furnished me with a frame into which she glued a sheet of glass, showed me how to score and break the glass pieces and sent me on my way. 
Sally, her friend and fellow counselor Judy Benzaquin, and I sat together working on our pieces along with the kids who were creating their own works. 
It was exactly what my soul needed and this mosaic just seemed to create itself. I'm hooked ;)
Be sure to check out Girls Just Wanna Paint , tomorrow, to see the works for our July topic: Bliss.


Chris Lally said...

Wow! Beautiful, Mary!!

Autumn Leaves said...

I sure enjoyed scrolling down your page here, Mary. Your use of color is always gorgeous and no less so in the mosaic! I always wanted to try one of these but always too lazy to figure out how to go about it. No time, no energy, no money. My constant refrain these days. Love seeing your paintings and for some reason, the bees especially strike my fancy!

Jo Castillo said...

A beautiful result from a relaxing break!

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