Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Parrsboro Geese

5x7 oil on canvas panel
It's been cloudy and cold here in Maine but the sun is expected to shine brightly tomorrow. I do hope so because a little bit of gloom under the circumstances is fitting, but I'm looking forward to feeling the sun. 
Oddly, but maybe not so much, I'm basking in the glow of the beautiful party we had with friends and family to honor and celebrate my sweet, rockin' Mama. 
At the cemetery a dragonfly landed atop the flowers and stayed throughout the service, bringing smiles to us all. Afterward, at the party, a friend read aloud a poem about the dragonfly and the entire crowd (and it was a crowd) held a toast to "Anna". That's how I will think of her now, as a beautiful blue-green dragonfly, soaring over the flowers in the September sun.  I'm sure that from somewhere, she looked upon it and was pleased.
This is the first painting I've done since mid August and it's one that I've been hoping that I could lend some credibility to since it's a tough subject. These geese are flying against the backdrop of Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotia in a photo I took last September in Parrsboro.


Jerry Stocks said...

Great painting and so glad you had such a happy ending to your mother's service. Dragonflies are special and she's a most special one.

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Je suis vraiment désolée d'apprendre une si triste nouvelle...
Je vous présente mes très sincères condoléances.

Je suis heureuse de vous lire aujourd'hui et j'aime la manière que vous penserez à votre maman. Je penserai également maintenant souvent à vous lorsque j'apercevrai une petite libellule.

Une très jolie peinture que celle de ces oies qui s'envolent en cortège...

Je vous embrasse amicalement.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Beautiful painting, and a great to your mama! She would be proud!

Autumn Leaves said...

Truly a beautiful painting and I love that I recognize easily your strong style, Mary. Your mom's service sounds like it was magical despite the sadness.

Paintings by Patricia said...

What a wonderful story, Mary...and I love the sky in your painting.

JanettMarie said...

Your Mama is beautiful and so are you!

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi, my Gypsy Woman,
The subject is perfect for this time of year, and beautifully done.
I am happily visualizing your mother's spirit as a dragonfly!
Great to see you posting again.
Warm nuzzles from Bruno ;)

art by Michael Perchard said...

Good for you Mary!
A triumph of the human spirit! This beautiful painting rocks! You certainly rock! Your mother most certainly rocks! Hang in there! Glad you are painting and posting. Art does heal!
Great colors as usual!
Your Nova Scotia Massachusetts Art Buddy!

A said...

The painting is of course beautiful.
And I hope the sun comes out for you :-)

Bruce Sherman said...

Dear Friend Mary!... So sorry to hear of your loss! Mamas are such a huge part of our lives here on earth. Honouring them until the end... reiforces for them... that their sacrifices and gifts will remain with us ... to contin ue on.

Keep those geese flyin' Mary!

A thought... Not mine... one I came across... somewhere):

"The greatest gift we can offer those who have left us is to fully livew our lives in their places."

Make your Mama (further) prod Mary!

Paint her a rainbow to slide down!

Warmest regards... and further good painting!

rdl said...

c what u mean bout these geese,but i like it. great story bout the dragonfly - perhaps a sign from her. xo

Kim Vanlandingham said...

I haven't been by in a while and wanted to say that I'm so sorry for your loss. Many hugs. :-(
Love the little painting and thanks for sharing about the dragonfly. Too cool! I've been working toward getting ready for the von Liebig classes and busy with my own here. Just know I'm thinking about you and thanks for sharing about your Mom.

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

I love the painting and the sentiments about your mom. She looks like a lady who loves life. No better attitude can we give to our children. My thoughts with you in weeks to come.

hmuxo said...

A beautiful post, Mary...it gave me chills...
I love your painting and hope to see more soon!!! hugs.

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