Sunday, January 31, 2016

Studio Lights

"Studio Lights"
8x10 oil on stretched canvas

My studio is located in the Sandpaper Factory and I've long thought of doing a painting of the hallway which has sawtooth skylights on the roof which are just fabulous to look at as well as being functional. Such a great abstract subject.
As you walk down this hallway the lights in my studio are visible over the drywall so I called this painting, "Studio Lights". 
The Girls Just Wanna Paint subject this month is "the golden mean" which is a mathematical something or other which I don't understand well enough to define it, nor do I know whether this painting is an example of it. 
Check out the Girls' paintings to see how everyone handled it.


jet willems said...

who cares about the golden mean.... This painting alone proves that you are a PAINTER!

Elizabeth Merchant said...

'Studio Lights' - As the cool blues of the walls send the eye to the warm blues above... I can imagine the viewer... somehow and unconsciously ... feeling uplifted. Wonderful.

Kim Vanlandingham said...

Great painting and hard subject for me. I love how you were able to see the great lines in this. I hope your classes are going well in Naples. I haven't run into you yet this year again. (I'm painting under Kim Vanlandingham instead of Mclaughlin now.) I did have one of my students that was thinking of taking your class. I hope she signed up.

Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Mary!... This one is deceivingly "simple" on the surface... but paradoxically complex in the same mouthful of words. Its maze-like abstract nature pulls at... and plays with the eye.This visually playful game of hide-and-go-seek composition is supported by a wonderfully warm and inviting palette of colorful shapes!

An enjoyable visit!... Bravo!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

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