Thursday, October 15, 2015

Page Railsback Workshop

20x20 on gallery wrap

Two things. 
The Painting from the Heart workshop with Page Railsback was awesome! I got to experiment with acrylics and loved the texture of the paint. So different from oils. Loved painting a large painting and being able to scumble over passages that dry so quickly that added layers of color can shine through.
The other thing is that I'm in Maine and it doesn't get better!

Page Railsback checking out the contour paintings

Maine - the way life should be 


Stephanie Berry said...

Mary-beautiful flowers! Very Matisse-like-I love it! Maine is so pretty right now. Not sure where you are but I'm part of an Artists' Studio Tour this Saturday. Come and visit if you're in the Durham (near Freeport) area.

Chris Lally said...

Love those zinnias! Those colors are a feast for the eyes. Love Page Railsback's work, too. Her palette sizzles.
And Maine. I've heard about its stunning beauty. Thanks for the gorgeous photo.

Page Pearson Railsback said...

Thanks for the plug MSW. Your paintings are soaring beautiful. Have fun in Maine

Paintings by Patricia said...

Lovely painting and beautiful scene from ME. I see they are doing your studio windows now.

Barbara Pask said...

Very cool workshop, sounds like you had fun. Fun to work with a different medium now and then isn't it. I'm taking a Nancy Franke workshop the beginning of November, I'm very excited.

Barbara Pask said...

I meant very cool painting, duh. Lol

large dining tables said...

Those paintings are lovely! So beautiful!

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