Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sagamore Bridge pencil sketch 8x10

Just to stretch myself I did this drawing of the Sagamore Bridge, one of two identical bridges that span the Cape Cod Canal. I love bridges and would like to develop this into a painting. I'm going to step back (from the computer and the palette) and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having here on the coast of Massachusetts. It's all too fleeting.


Paula Villanova said...

I love the view but I particularly love the drawing! It is not only technically good but very pleasing to look at; I have seen this view many times and thought about painting it. If you need a painting buddy that day, give me a call!

Sandy said...

Great job Mary. It's so detailed and I think you did a wonderful job on this!!

Dona S said...

What a lovely surprise to click on your blog to find something so familiar so lovingly rendered.
I've been over it and under it and and sat in traffic trying to GET to it on either side of the canal.
Last year we took a ride to Bourne and photographed the railroad bridge. I was amazed at its robust design as well.
Thank you for showing me what a beautiful view it is.

Suzanne McDermott said...

I almost went over the Sagamore Bridge by mistake at the end of June. Darn! I didn't realize we were so close, I would have tried to get us together.

Great drawing. Good for you for sitting down to make it. Enjoy the weather for us all - I'm glad to hear it's so beautiful.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You never cease to amaze, girl. You made this come alive - boy can you draw!

Lorna said...

yes you can draw, but can you sell? That drawing is one I would love to own and I don't even know where the bridge is, or if you drew your own truck in to personalize it...

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wonderful work, Mary and fascinating that you are fascinated by this structure.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thank you one and all for these generous comments.
Paula, let's do it. Our jeep trip is still on the agenda.
Sandy, thanks for your frequent comments. I love seeing you here.
Dona S, I love the description 'lovingly rendered'. The Cape is a familiar place to SO many and I love hearing that.
Suzanne, don't drive through again without alerting me. I'd love to meet up if only for an iced coffee, on the fly.
Kelley, you're awesome and Thank YOU!
Lorna, the trucks are there but, what appear to be tire tracks in front are part of the pictorial design I had to create to avoid a boring asphalt surface.
When I paint it I'll put grass in where there really isn't any and make the tire tracks appear to be gravel or some such.
Diana, thanks so much for taking the time to visit when you have 5 kids and and an art career!

I am still on hiatus just to chill and read a few books, go to the beach which is right at the end of the street, and visit people because it's summer in New England and Fall is breathing down our necks.
Your comments make my day!

Frank Gardner said...

Ha, funny how many people have sat in traffic and looked at that bridge. Nice vantage point. Beats looking at a bumper.
It would make a great painting.

I love that P-Town one too. Lots of good strong color in that one.

Joyce Washor said...

I love the way the bridge is in the "background" but is the master of the drawing. You know your perspective!

rdl said...

Very nice!! can definitely see this one as a painting - can't wait to see the colors!!

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