Sunday, April 30, 2017

Imagination GJWP

6x8 paper, paint and rhinestone collage

I am struggling mightily with artist's block this winter. 
I have also been working in some different mediums and trying to go in a new direction but, it is taking time.
This paper collage is one of the ways I've been using my "Imagination", which is the Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge theme this month, to find my way.
I started with a piece of watercolor paper that I'd done some random painting on. The verse is from a calendar that I was throwing way but, when I noticed the verses, I cut them all out and added them to my collage files and I drew the dragonfly, glued it onto the paper and embellished it with rhinestones.
I actually first used the dragonfly, in 2012 in a collage piece for the Outside The Box, show given by North River Arts Society. It holds special meaning for me and I will be using it often in my upcoming work.
Stay tuned.


Chris Lally said...

Artist's block! I feel your pain, Mary, but you have discovered the perfect remedy. Your collage is fresh & lovely with the perfect quote.
And I will stay tuned!

Nasrin said...
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