Friday, November 04, 2016

Absecon Inlet Sentry

"Sentry, Absecon Inlet"
8x8 oil on panel

This brick house sits on the very edge of Absecon Inlet in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Don and I have used up a couple of expiring time share weeks at the Flagship, a high rise that overlooks this little house and the distant boardwalk. It is so close to the water that the surf pounds it and the tenants park their cars far from the building.
Walking to and from the boardwalk at different times of day I was struck by the light on this place and the desolate fields around it. This view is late afternoon and I framed it to include the gnarled, vine covered tree. 
We really enjoy the time here. Don plays poker and I paint and we walk the boardwalk. There's something for both of us.


hmuxo said...

Very nice painting Mary!!!!

Sandy Sandy said...

You should LMK when you are in AC and I will come to meet you! We could even paint together. :-)

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