Wednesday, January 20, 2016


11x14 oil on canvas

My sister left me these tulips as a welcome present and I painted them in acrylic which is a new medium for me. 

I really like the smoothness of the paint. 
Because it dries quickly, but not as quickly as I thought it did, you can work over it and the under layer shows through.
I'll post a step by step of the next tulip painting. 
Stay tuned.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Very nice work. At first I thought it was a pastel painting. I love the pinks. Acrylics are so convenient because of the quick drying time. I use a Stay Wet palette and it makes them even easier to work with and keeps the paint moist for days which means you can mix larger batches of color.

Stephanie Berry said...

You are so diversified! Oils, watercolors, collage, and acrylics! I love this. It has your signature loose style and beautiful colors.
Hope you're enjoying some warm weather in FL!

sandy said...


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