Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Detail from mixed media WIP
watercolor, acrylic, ink on sketchbook 

Wow, where has this month gone?

We arrived home from Naples on May 10th and have been busy settling in and sprucing up our yard. 
It's great to be back in New England. The crisp ocean air and cool lilac scented breezes lift my spirits.

The Bird House

Speak of transitioning, I'm not particularly good at it.

I've long been itching to break out of my 'box' and do something very different. I love fiber and found objects and mixed media and pen and ink. So much stimulation, so little time.
I see wonderful art that speaks to me but when I think about doing something similar my inner critic nags at me about 'looking' like someone else, or copying other's ideas. It continues to hold me back and I know I have to wrestle it to the mat and just carry on.
I tell my students to be fearless and not to judge themselves. This is a case where I need to listen to my own advice without being concerned about the outcome of the piece. 

Here's a detail from something I'm working on involving herons and egrets using watercolor, ink pens and iridescent acrylic paint.  I love birds and am bursting to do abstract or mixed media with the bird theme. 
I'm not really sure where this piece is going so I'm trying to listen to the painting and let it tell me.

I'd love to hear how you all push past the blocks that derail your creative muse. Talk to me.

our beach 


Carol Blackburn said...

Sometimes taking one's own advice is the hardest thing to do. I am guilty of the same thing. My block comes because I get too many painting ideas all at once and I just can't seem to finish any one of them before moving on to another then I get frustrated because I haven't completed anything. These ideas need to "take a number" and wait their turn. I'm going to try taking the idea folders off my desk and just bringing one out at a time. Let's see if that helps.

Lorna Cunningham-Rushton said...

Mary, I love this work. It really speaks to me and leaves me feeling very content.As to the picture of your beach, I have to pretend that I don't care that you have a beach and I have a downtown.

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Un emplumé qui plairait très certainement à mon ami Léo le toucan !... Je pense qu'un artiste ne vit et ne travaille qu'avec des doutes.
Juste laisser aller son ressenti et son besoin de dire avec le crayon, le pinceau et les doigts...
J'aime toutes ces nuances de couleurs qui jaillissent dans cette oeuvre... Je pense que vous emmagasinez de belles couleurs là où vous vivez...

❊ ♡ Gros bisous ♡ ❊

CrimsonLeaves said...

I too get mired in the need to be unique and not wanting to do what others do. I want to stand apart. Alas, I haven't found my talent yet. LoL You, Mary, have in spades. This piece is looking awesome and can't wait to see it to completion!!

Stephanie Berry said...

I hear ya'! BTW your egret or heron is lovely--there is a nice delicate quality to this picture but still you've kept your signature looseness. I would love to experiment with other media too but for now I feel I need to focus on oils due to limits of time and space. BUT someday!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thank you for your replies to my query.

We're kindred spirits for sure and I appreciate your encouragement!


hmuxo said...

Beautiful mixed media work and I look forward to seeing this finished, Mary! Love it!

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