Sunday, January 18, 2015

Von Liebig Classes

6x6 oil on panel

Eight brave souls took on the the world of values, shape and color in my first class of the season at the Von Liebig Center for the arts, last Friday, and we all had fun. I discovered that many of them are going to be repeat students so I'm going to have to stay on my toes!
This is my demo and yes, the edges of the shadows should be a tad lighter ;)
My next class is scheduled for January 30th and you can book it here.


Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE post!
Good luck.

Paula Villanova said...

Lucky, lucky students! They'll all have a blast while they're learning excellent skills from you!

Heidi Malott said...

Mary, I am so happy you stopped by my blog today. Besides, making my day, heck my week with your kind words, I am thrilled to touch base with one of my favorite frequent painters out there. I have been so busy trying to paint often, that I haven't stopped to check out the dailies.

Wow, I just LOVE your work. So fresh, bold, full of expression and good vibes - Beautiful! I will make a point to keep up on others. Very inspiring to know your out there. Keep on painting, Friend!!

Buddy G. said...

Hi Mary
I had a great time in your Von Leibig classes and hope to see you there again next March. I learned a lot watching your demos but if there's one thing that really stuck it's: Put the paint down a leave it alone. That thought taught me to make a confident stroke and "Live with It" instead of all that "smudging!!!"
Stay Well, Mary,
Bud G.

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