Saturday, October 18, 2014

Work in Progress

Work in Progress
I don't like to post WIPs but I will take a chance here and give you a sneak peek of my large paintings.
I've mentioned that I will be showing my work at Bella's Italian Restaurant beginning in November and through the first of the year. Because the space needs larger paintings, I committed to working much larger than I'm used to and let me just say that from 6"x6" to 24"x24" is a jump.

Here are a sequence of photos of my process in enlarging a small painting. My process is to grid a printout of the original painting and draw it onto newsprint. I then chalk the back, along the lines of the drawing and transfer it to the toned board. I'm using Ampersand unprimed hardboard which has a 2" cradle to eliminate the need for framing, although the buyer can always add a frame. I give it three coats of gesso, sanding lightly between coats and tone it with an underpainting that will enhance the color harmony of the final painting. There is a lot of blue in this painting so I chose an orange ground. 
For those of you who've emailed me about taking my Painting from Photos workshop, I will be scheduling it for after Open Studios which is November 22 & 23 from noon to 5 PM,the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

Also, this weekend is The Hingham Arts Walk featuring my GJWP homies. Please stop by and visit Kelley MacDonald, Paula Villanova and of course Page at the studio of Page Pearson Railsback, at 35 North Street from 12-4 on Sunday, October 19th.


traced onto board


Carol Blackburn said...

Wow Mary you have made a jump in size haven't you! It's coming along beautifully. I really appreciate when bloggers put up sequence shots because this is how I learn. Thanks so much for doing so. Have a great weekend.

hmuxo said...

I'm going to enjoy the process, Mary! That is definitely a jump in size! Someday, when I grow up I'm going to post my process..
right now I wouldn't know how to begin!!! lol It's coming along so beautifully and look forward to your next post!

art by Michael Perchard said...

Good morning Mary!
I love seeing your work in progress! Love the orange background! Great choice! with the blues!! Love seeing your larger works! Nice! I am so happy to see how your process develops. I am glad you posted this one Mary! I like the unfinished piece. Nice to have a photo to remember what is underneath when the work is completed! Bravo! Can't wait to see the complete work! Thanks Mary!
Michael (Brrrrrrrr! First frost of the season!)

CrimsonLeaves said...

This already looks amazing, Mary. I can't wait to see it finished. I have worked large before but not often. I admit it scares me.

A said...

Amazing!!! So glad you decided to post them!!!

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