Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Studio Workshops and Stay 'cation'

I've said it before but we are having the most wonderful weather this summer. Today was warm but the humidity was low and the breeze is brisk ;)
Spent the day weeding the garden, sitting on the deck and enjoying  life.
I plan to teach a couple of workshops this September and will vary the lessons. This particular painting was not painted from a photo but if it were, I would interpret it this way and that is the lesson. The demo is just an example of the process.
Loving my neighborhood and my stay 'cation' here by the beach :)

Studio Workshops Fall 2014

*Painting from photos
I will supply simple photos and we will break them down step by step beginning with a value 'map'.

this area to the right, which is a fence, 
did not read well

so I reworked it

classes will be held at my studio in Rockland, Massachusetts 
*dates to be announced
contact me @


CrimsonLeaves said...

Looks like a beautiful day indeed at the beach! Sounds like you are relaxing and gearing up for the autumn! That is awesome, Mary. Wish I could do your class but alas, school must go on. It will be a great class for your students!

Stephanie Berry said...

Your spot looks like a bit of heaven. I enjoy seeing your process and the shed painting is so happy and joyful!

Anonymous said...

I think I would enjoy painting with you. You use much color and when I paint, it is always more subdued. I need to punch it up sometimes for happier paintings.

A said...

Your workshops will be fun, no doubt. Loved seeing the evolution of the painting -- you're so talented!!

Nancy Goldman said...

I love this painting and thank you for showing the WIP photos. They make me want to try this technique. I really like those bits of orange peeking through the other colors.

Mrs. C said...

I love the step by step process! Such talent!!!

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