Sunday, June 01, 2014


"Sea Breeze"
6x8 watercolor and ink
I'm a traditional painter and I like that kind of work but, for quite a while now my inner abstract artist has been trying to emerge.  I love fabric and paper art but the thing is I don't have a vision of what I want to create.
This month's GirlsJustWannaPaint challenge had me thinking about what, besides food or drink, is delicious and I am most viscerally affected by scents. Lilacs, my mother's perfume, smoke from a wood fire, autumn leaves, but one of the most affecting scents is the ocean breeze.
This piece began with light washes of watercolor on 140 Hot Pressed Arches paper. I used Holbein silver watercolor. Talk about delicious colors, Holbein has an exceptional range.
As I worked, I mixed a little of the silver with my color and although the effect isn't as obvious in this photo, it really lends a lovely shimmer to the whole painting. 
With this non traditional approach I was uncertain as to whether to add to this and at this time I prefer it as is. The beauty is, that I could take this further a step at a time, which is how the journey begins.
I feel like I cracked the code!


Carol Blackburn said...

Pretty one! When I'm stuck for an idea I love it when the paper or other surface seems to tell me what it wants put on it.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I have never been a fan of abstract art, but the addition of the word just makes this piece sing to my heart. The palette, the is indeed, "Delicious!"

art by Michael Perchard said...

Hello Mary! You certainly did 'crack the code!" I am thrilled that your "inner abstract artist' came out with this piece! I also so love the ocean! You captured it beautifully! "Delicious" is delicious! Well done! Bravo!
Take care buddy!

Anonymous said...

Your watercolors are so wonderful and uplifting. The use of color is refreshing too. I like the Egret too.

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