Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Adding Color to a Three Step Value Study

Cottages at Twilight
5x6" oil 

This is the final version of the three step value exercise 
and also my 'Nocturne" painting for Girls Just Wanna Paint
I included the grayscale version as well. 
If you're having trouble with values and who doesn't, try this. 


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Mary, thanks for sharing. I hope things are good with you.

art by Michael Perchard said...

Hello Mary!
Great lesson! Thank you!
I think you use color so very well!
So nice to see how you get your values down right!
Another great painting buddy!
Nova Scotia and Massachusetts rock!

Anonymous said...

Nice technique, useful tip for learning to control values.

Jody Regan Paints! said...

Nice job, Mary. Good composition, and clean color in the final. Yum.

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Merci de nous montrer cette démonstration... Une bien belle harmonie de couleurs.
Je vous fais de gros bisous ♡

CrimsonLeaves said...

Your final version is awesome, Mary. Meanwhile, I'm still visiting memories and things I've seen or read in the past. This time, the grayscale piece reminds me of the movie, "I Remember Mama." Not sure why but there you have it. I think I'm a nut job.

Katherine Thomas said...

This is so interesting to see how the values make a difference in the effect of the piece. Thanks for showing that, and it's a beautifully painted piece. I admire your dedication to your art.

Robin Rosenthal said...

I love nocturnal scenes. Great color choices. Beautiful painting.

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