Saturday, January 04, 2014

Winter Cocoon

find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest   
Dalai Lama

8x10 watercolor

The glorious Cardinal swoops to my feeder, the bright red of his feathers flashing, against the brilliant snow. She's beautiful as well, with her golden body and magenta markings and I notice that they are always in close proximity to one another. When I see one I look for the other.
But he is arresting, no matter how often or in which season I see him and I am thrilled each time.
My mumma loved Cardinals and her sweaters and sweatshirts were adorned with them, particularly her Christmas attire, so of course, when I see them I think of her.
She is still so present for me as I ponder her loss.
I looked online for symbolic meanings attributed to these beautiful birds and found this.

The Cardinal Cycle of Twelve is symbolic of: Cycles, life, death & renewal
  • Twelve hours make a day and twelve months make a year. Twelve is a vital life cycle and regardless of the time of year, the time of day or the time of life you are presently confronting, you are a part of the cycle. You are a vital element in the circle of life and regardless of where you are in that cycle you always have the opportunity for restoration, revitalization and renewal.
*Another notable quality is that cardinals are year round residents. As they do not migrate like most other birds, cardinals represent a twelve-month cycle. Twelve is considered a powerful cycle in nature as it represents the spectrum of the seasons and the full circle of life. Cardinals also lay eggs that hatch within twelve days. Due to their twelve-month residency and their twelve-day incubation, the number twelve is strongly associated with the cardinal. 


Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely cardinal. I've been hoping to see one this winter but no luck yet.

Jerry Stocks said...

Mary, what a lovely tribute to your mother. So sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the colors! Sorry for your loss. I send prayers for peace of heart and peace of mind. xox

art by Michael Perchard said...

You are doing very well Mary!
Art does heal and do wonders.
I absolutely love this painting. I I love your use of color! Spectacular! Your imagination and creativity is outstanding!
My brother, who passed away, also loved cardinals. One day, just after his death, I was out jogging thinking of him and "talking" to him while I was running. I said to him, please send me a sign that you can hear me!" Just then a cardinal flew down to my feet, paused for second, looked me in the eye, and ever so slowly flew away! Take that for what you wish. It was ever so comforting to me at the time. And still is!
You hang in there Mary! Your art is a wonder! You are also!
Take care!
Your cardinal loving art buddy!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I love the way this beauty pops from her background. Not used to seeing you paint in watercolor, Mary. You are multi-talented! This is an awesome reminder of your mom.

Paintings by Patricia said...

This is beautifully done, loose and free.
Thanks for all the cardinal facts. We a a pair here every day and all summer.

art by Michael Perchard said...

Last couple of days I posted a few cardinal photos on my blog. Hope you get a chance to check them out!

Fran said...

So beautiful! I often hear a cardinals chirping in my backyard and can't help but look to see if I can spot them...always such a cheerful sight on a dreary winter day. :) --Fran

Bruce Sherman said...

Dear Friend Mary!... What a joyful ... uplifting living painted memory of your Mom this painting is!

The watercolour itself rises above and defeats the intolerable void of a blank paper... and symbolically and simultaneously helps fill your own empty heart space with Joy and Hope!

Paintings are made for many reasons. We shared one such common reason in both our posts today. Guess then... neither one of us is silly or maudlin.

Much Peace and further Good Painting Mary!
Warmest regards,

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the multicolored background and how the red bird pops. Lovely work.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I treasure your words my friends.

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