Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lazy Hazy Summer Days

"Green Harbor"
6x12 watercolor and ink
Honestly, that's all I can say about this summer. The heat has been unbearable and even though it's calmed down some, we are still in AC mode most of the time.  Saturday evening was beautiful though, and I took myself down to the harbor with a chair and a sketchbook and had a lovely interlude watching the birds and the boats and the shimmer of the late sun on the iridescent marsh grass. Yes, in a very short time the cold will be returning and we'll all be complaining. Well...maybe not all.... :D
I love summer but does it have to be so uncomfortably hot?


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Mary, love the busy little harbor you've created. Hope you are cooler today :)

art by Michael Perchard said...

Green Harbor looks fantastic!
Love your use of color. In this one and all the great work you do!
The colors and so very interesting, pleasing, and easy on the eye! So much more!
So very nice!
Enjoy the summer! Before you know it, we will have two days of fall than the rest of the year winter!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I really am not a fan of summer because of heat, humidity, bugs...I will take the other three seasons any day over summer. I also love the coziness of being inside and the comfort of the darkness blanket that enfolds. Anyway, I love this painting, Mary. This is a style I so admire!!

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

This is a really beautiful painting, Mary, and I can see you sitting by the harbor making such utilitarian area so beautiful. Hasn't been as hot here as up north, but the humidity makes it just as uncomfortable!

hmuxo said...

What a place to sit down relax and do some painting! I do love the summer months but the humidity is what's killing us in NY! I'm glad I don't do plein aire since the bugs would finish us off..LOL This is a beautiful piece, Mary!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Mary ... sorry, my Gypsy Woman!
I love your ink and wash!!! It is such a striking composition. As for the heat, yup - appreciate it now; it will be cold and wet soon enough. :)
Hugs and warm nuzzles from the Big Guy XX

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Ok, I'll quit bitching ;) because.....

78 beautiful degrees with only enough humidity in the air so it feels like summer.
Little breeze off the ocean. Bright sun.
Thanks for your sympathies though, I appreciate them as well as your approval of the drawing.

Susan said...

Lovely little work. Being at the harbor sounds nice.

Laurel Daniel said...

I love this little watercolor... stay cool, my friend!!!


What an exquisite watercolor and ink! Beautiful colors.

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