Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Step by Step Marsh and River Demo

Using my new viewfinder I lightly grid my canvas and sketch in the larger masses.
 It takes me three strokes in the sky to get the value correct. 
The sky and the water are the lightest values.
The light on the distant marsh is lighter than it seems
The grass is a middle value and I've lightened 
the far tree line to push it back
The final touches
The painting in grayscale
Thanks for all the emails about the Painting Safari!
Tomorrow looks like it will be clear so meet me in the Rexhame Beach parking lot at 9:30 for an out door demo and painting session.Fee is $15 per class and we will paint until 12:30.


SamArtDog said...

Thanks for reminding me to use my Picture Perfect. It does a much better job using it for viewing than holding down the shelf!

AutumnLeaves said...

Love seeing how you work, Mary!

Laurel Daniel said...

I love seeing this progression, Mary, and your strong, bold marks!

Virginia Floyd said...

That was so informative! I love seeing how you blocked in the basic values and then added the colors. I need lessons in this.

Studio at the Farm said...

Thank you, my Gypsy! I loved the step-by-step.

Christine Stonebridge said...

Great peek inside the process! ... You're making it look easy (though we know it's the result of natural talent and lots of practice). Very cool lesson!

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