Monday, October 04, 2010

Lobster Boat, Green Harbor

This is the finish of the plein air painting I started a few posts back. I finished it off using artistic license, eliminating unnecessary elements and adding color where I thought it would work. It is most important to remember to edit your paintings while composing the scene. All of the elements must work together to lead the eye through the painting to the focal point. The problem many painters have is to try to literally reproduce the scene, often including confusing or odd elements that just happen to 'be there'. 


Nancy B. Hartley said...

More signature "Mary colors", just beautiful! So serene, and peaceful, perfect editing and composition!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Mary!..."You" are right on the $$$ with the actual plein air piece... and the logic you employed to create it!

The plein air world is such a dizzying place... full of too many distractions!

Learning to find one focus and orchestrate everything else around it is the key. Your painting proves it.

As well... back in the studio you can indeed drive... using your artistic licence! Good analogy!

Good Fall Painting Mary!
Warmest regards,

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

this is a wonderful painting!

Paula K. Cravens said...

I love the colors in this one Mary.

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