Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Away from My Desk ;)

Ray and Chrissie at Green Harbor
My favorite niece Chrissie and her sweet husband Ray are here on a rare vacation from their business in Naples, Florida to attend a family wedding and are staying with Don and me this week. The wedding which took place on Saturday evening was a fabulous family time. I saw cousins and relatives I've not seen in too long. It was a magical day and we're all still under the spell. I will paint again soon. Really ;)
Melissa and David~ August 7, 2010  

Our Lady Help of Christians Church


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. The church is beautiful. You deserve some time away.Anonymous

Paula Villanova said...

We'll wait...painting well may require discipline but it also requires vision which is developed through living and experience...right? Sounded good to me anyway...looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent church. Beautiful-looking family. Sounds and looks like you DID have a magical day. Keep enjoying your time with your family.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

What a cutie your niece is!!! (Good looks must run in the family!)
Beautiful shot of the wedding. Our Lady Help of Christians? Was that a Chinese church with a bad translator?;)

Don't worry, it's summer, you can take some time off! Happy vacation!

rdl said...

Fun! chrissie's hair is way straight - i need some lessons. :D

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Mary!.... Everyone needs a(nother) "honeymoon" Mary.... even from painting! HAHA!!!

Nothin' like a wee dash o' love to stir the artistic juices is there?

Have a well-deserved "hm" Mary! Look forward to more "Winn-ers"....Real soon!

Happy Summertime Dreamin'!
Warmest regards,

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Summer is the time to enjoy family and friends and kicking back to enjoy life. Winter is coming and there will be plenty of time to paint! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos which I enjoyed very much. I also loved the rooster painting!

David Larson Evans said...

Very nice works, well done.

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