Monday, June 28, 2010

Toward Provincetown

When you drive to Provincetown, instead of taking Rte. 6 all the way in, the better route is 6A which runs along the shoreline and brings you in through the picturesque East End. This painting is from the exact point where you come over the hill and get your first glimpse across the Bay to Provincetown . Every time I see this view it's like it's the first time. Wonder why I'm painting Cape Cod when I'm in Nova Scotia?
It poured all day!!


littlelikesand said...

Great use of the auto for movement and to help the eye center and move. From static to a movie still, very clever.

rdl said...

love it! and apprepro - patti fisnished sent off "Racepoint" today. see u when u get home.

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