Saturday, April 12, 2008

Second Banana 6x8

I started painting with oils when I was 12, if you don't count the paint by number sets that I LOVED. Before that though, I drew often and I've kind of gotten away from it, preferring to map out my picture on the canvas and just begin to block in. Doing this preliminary sketchbook drawing helped me with the final painting. I did change the lighting on the painted version by moving the bananas out to the studio. Let me say that these babies were a nightmare that I stuck out. The shapes are not nearly as easy to draw as I thought and there was plenty of correction along the way. This makes me a step closer to painting better bananas. Hey, banyans? Bananas? Is there a theme here?


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Love it - the yellow just JUMPS out at you! The blue is perfect as a foil! I like that you included your sketch, too.

Just Plain 'Jane' said...

Wow!! It doesn't look like you suffered at all! The final result certainly looks effortless and beautiful!

rdl said...

you must draw/paint fast - they don't even have black spots. :D
Nice work!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

rdl, I WISH. This drawing and subsequent painting took me all day. Like ALL day. But it was like wrestling the subject to the ground as in, I'm going to win this battle.

One thing I'm going to do soon is upgrade my lighting so I can photograph subtle paintings with better results. The Banyan tree painting is much more colorful than it shows.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Have enjoyed having a look around and will do so again.

You have so many blogs that I'm not sure where best to leave a comment...I'll be checking out the last one listed for sure...anyway, just wanted to thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. And I agree with you, when all is said and done, there's nothing much better than a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. How wonderful that you inherited some from your mother-in-law.

Oh, wanted to say that I visit Jack Riddle's blog...he's a painter, too. I'll leave the addy just in case you might be interested in taking a peek.

I love artists. My daughter paints and her father painted; my niece is a recent art school grad. The entire process fascinates me.

Lorrie Drennan said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your comments on my truck and streetcar. You are going to love Carol's workshop in Santa Fe. I took it last September. She is a generous teacher and very good at what she does. Let me know if she tells you about "white breaks". (that was my input) : )
Thanks again,

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mary, I would chose those at the fruit market. Look tasty.
I like the composition of the sketch just as much or more. Maybe a series here too?

Brendy Vaughn said...

Great color. I've painted a few bananas - you're right, they aren't easy.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Kelley and Jane, thank you.
Vee, I came across you at Jack Riddle's blog.Thanks for visiting.
Lorrie, thanks for sharing about Carol's workshop. I look forward to it and if she says 'white breaks', I'll take note.
Frank, Thanks for stopping by. I should do a series of these.
Brendy, Thanks for your visit too.

I appreciate all of your visits and comments so much. It makes my day to read them.

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