Thursday, April 03, 2008

Banyan Tree block in 6x8

hour and a half in
At this point the colors are starting to work second stage and the pre mixes
The pattern
The Bully
I went out this morning with the Naples Outdoor painters to a private home with about 2 acres of lush tropical gardens. As I strolled about trying to choose a location I heard over and over, the complaint, "there's too much green" and, "I'm overwhelmed". And so was I. BUT, I decided on the banyan tree which had some sunlight on it, thus some contrast. I spent 20 minutes doing a value sketch to find shapes and place my darks. Then I did the premix, mapping out the colors so that when I started, I wouldn't run out of anything. This is making a huge difference for me. So much so that I wish I'd done it years ago. I worked for an hour and a half to get to this stage, where I decided to leave it while I plan the finish. It was 88 and humid and with sweat running down my neck, I rewarded my carefully planned and executed block in with a trip to the pool :) I wasn't able to get the photo right tonight but I will make up for it when I post the finish.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

What a challenge- and you've risen to it! It'll be wonderful when you finish. Can't even relate to the 88 and humid - sweat running down your neck' stuff - here it's chilly and windy and rainy, or chilly and windy - that's our choices! Please post the finished piece, will you?

Debbie said...

Plein Aire painters impress me. I tried it in Wyoming for a week last summer - wind, dirt, HOT sun - sure cured me! I have a new respect for you hardy people!!!!
This is a beautiful start - please post the finish!

John "little like sand" said...

You`ve picked a difficult subject this time Mary. What to put in and what to leave out. Last week was we found the eights out here in AZ. but with a humidity under 10%.
I look forward to the finished work.

Just Plain 'Jane' said...

Hi Mary!! I am enjoying your commentary on this. I am also looking forward to finished work. About that picture - I took a photo of the painting sitting on another painting surrounded by actual supplies. Then I took it into a photoshop type program and applied a filter to the background to make it look like a painting.

Lorna said...

It's fascinating to see the development of a piece of art. I wish I'd paid attention in Art Appreciation. Oh well, I did learn enough to be able to throw around the words "pre-raphaelite" and "degas-like"

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mary. I love seeing all the images. The scene, block in etc.. pre mix huh. Looks like it's working for you.
You are making a simple design out of a complicated scene. Good stuff.
Oh, High 90's here with a "feels like" over 100. No humidity though. Humidity is what would sap all of my energy.

Naquaiya said...

I just love this post and your tutorial. I especially like not only the painting, but the subject matter and I love the colors on the palette too. Such fun. I have linked you on my blog. I did not realize until today that you were not there. So now you are. If you are feeling generous, please reciprocate.

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