Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Keeping It Simple

Well, it turns out that K.I.S.S. is harder than I'd thought. I added a transparent bag to the set up and a transparent ribbon. Not simple at all. This is my work so far. I was well into it when I realized my drawing was off so I corrected it. Connecting with all of you through the blogosphere has been a real joy for me. Being able see all this great painting going on in real time and participating in it is so inspiring. Check out EmptyEasel a fantastic site for artists and art lovers. Happy New Year everyone and many thanks for your messages and comments.


rdl said...

The bell is equisite! Love these bell paintings!!
Keep on truckin... :D
Happy New Year dear heart!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thanks dearest. You know how Monet painted haystacks? I'm painting bells.

Todd Bonita said...

RDL is right about the bell paintings...beautiful reflections. I am covered in pinch marks from head to toe...just making sure the Sox really won too...I'm almost certain I didn't dream it. Would love to see you at this years open studio in Portsmouth..I'll send you a reminder when the time comes. All my best to you in '08

Pablo Villicana Lara said...

Hi Mary, thanks for visiting my blog a little while ago! I'm still catching up. I hope the image finally came through to you.

These paintings are beautiful! I love your color choices and style, and really nice compositions. . . I'll be stopping by from time to time!

Happy New Year!

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Mary,
Your paintings are just super! Thank you for coming over to my blog and introducing yourself! I'll look forward to seeing what is next.

Abbie said...

Hi Mary,
Oh, your paintings are just fabulous! I love the bell.. :) Hop eyou enjoyed your visited to my neck of the woods (NH). We have plenty of snow to go around!
Enjoy you New Year!

Kelley MacDonald said...

You have been one busy girl - these are WONDERFUL! Love the reflections - my favorite is the brass bell and the red ribbon!

rdl said...

Hey Mare come get your award.
Have fun in Fla. I'd crawl in the back but i bet there's no room. :D
keep on bloggin like the doodah man. :D

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I like it that this is not simple! The patterns are so interesting.

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