Sunday, March 25, 2007

You Say Tomato 5x5

This is a little study I did in about half an hour.
I planted a whole package of Beefsteak tomato seeds (from the dollar store) when I arrived here in January. There are about 25 of them all in different stages of growth. I gave away some of the bigger ones which are already sporting flowers, to my neighbors. Still I have about a dozen left and some are still tiny. I planted one in a coffee can just so I could paint it. I'm entertaining the idea of bringing a few of them home with me in the car when we drive North in May. That's a typical snowbird kind of craziness. As if I could fit another thing into the car, the way I usually pack.


Daily Art in the Pines said...

Thank you, Mary, for all your encouraging comments...this blog thing is new to me and I have no idea what I'm doing but ain't it great!
This tomato plant painting is so interesting...fantastic shapes and color! Can't wait to check out all your work!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I too am honored that you liked this painting. I almost held it back because I thought it was too 'messy', but I am always delighted when an unbiased eye deems it worthy.
Your work is right on. Everyone should go take a look.

rdl said...

Oh I want one!! :D

Kelley MacDonald said...

Oh, Mar, this style really 'becomes' you! This is WONDERFUL. Cheerful, exciting, and compositionally solid. Keep going... don't worry about the plants.. (I've seen your photo of the car), just make sure you bring home this 'style'. :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Ya think?
If not for this blog and you and the other visitors, many of these paintings would never have made it out of the studio.
Thanks so much for your unbiased eye!
Your work rocks!

Kelley MacDonald said...

YES, Mar! See Charles Sovek! It is agony-free for the viewer AND the artist (how long did you AGONIZE over it?) just joy and enjoyment! I say go-go-go!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...


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