Saturday, October 06, 2018

Monhegan Vista

Monhegan Church View
 6x12 watercolor and ink on Arches paper

I first painted this in oil, from the stair top deck of Monhegan House Hotel.
It's my favorite place to stay because they have little one room "garrets" on the fourth floor. 
Very cozy!
This watercolor and ink painting was done from a photo taken from the deck. 
There is a great book called "Monhegan, The Artist's Island". Check out the works of many famous artists who have painted on the island.

My garret far right 
 View of The Island Inn from Monhegan House
 Sunflower and garret


hmuxo said...

A beautiful watercolor!!! I love the view!!!!!!

laura said...

Love that book ... and your watercolor.
Someday I hope to get there to paint!

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

I love this and what a delight to paint on Monhegan! I've only done it once but the memory lingers, so I need to plan a longer visit. You've inspired me!

Sophia Adley said...
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William Hurt said...

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Sacko Din said...

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stephen said...

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